Recognition as UK City of Culture has the potential to regenerate and transform Medway. Our ambitious new Cultural Strategy sets out plans to make culture and creativity integral to everyday life in Medway.  We are particularly committed to empowering our young people to have a voice and drive creative and cultural change.


Liz Moran

Chair, Medway Cultural Partnership

The Medway Place Board is proud of our people and communities across Medway. The spirit, passion and enthusiasm that they show for Medway is clear to see. We are pleased that our bid for City of Culture status is helping to galvanise our common purpose, to make our place something we can all be proud of, recognising just how diverse and different all of the various parts of Medway are.


Simon Cook

Chair, Medway Place Board


As a young creative in Medway, I set up Medway Fashion Week to shine a light on the amazing innovation present throughout the area. It is fantastic to see our communities coming together to put Medway forward as City of Culture 2025. We have such a strong culture scene, from fashion and beyond, so there is a lot we have to shout about as part of this bid.


Eddy Eguaoje

Founder, Medway Fashion Week

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