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To be named UK City of Culture 2025 would provide a major growth opportunity for businesses in Medway and Kent. When Hull won in 2017, £3.4 billion of investment poured into the area over the following four years. 

Being City of Culture is about more than arts and creativity. Medway's City of Culture bid is joining forces with the Medway Champions Network to give businesses across Medway, Kent and the South East the chance to make this opportunity count for them and their sectors.

Sign up to be an ambassador for Medway's bid (using the form above) to:

  • Take part in sector-specific conversations to develop Medway’s bid.  Your business' contribution will inform Medway 2025's plans and allocation of resources
  • Demonstrate your business' commitment to social value and how you are changing the lives of local people
  • Engage with your local community, be an active ambassador for Medway 2025 across your networks, online channels and sector 
  • Show the positive impacts your business has on its local area and be part of positive change 
  • Be part of a historic moment for Medway, Kent and the South East
  • Get access to all the bonuses of being a Medway Champion
  • Favourable Medway 2025 sponsorship and promotion opportunities 

What does City of Culture mean for Medway businesses?

Hosting would be a game-changer for Medway and bring significant benefits to local businesses including:

  • Job creation and helping to recruit to the local area
  • Supporting and developing the visitor economy
  • Driving footfall in town centres
  • Training and development for young people in Medway, creating a legacy for future generations
  • Providing an economic boost and speeding up long-term COVID recovery 
  • Promoting student retention
  • Putting Medway on the national map and increasing pride in the area

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'1 in 4 businesses surveyed took on new staff and 1 in 5 extended opening hours. Over half of businesses felt that Hull 2017 had contributed to increased turnover.'

The Impacts of Hull UK City of Culture 2017 Evaluation

There is much to be celebrated and much to offer in terms of the tourism and creative sectors, coupled with the opportunities presented by the wider Thames Estuary area. We are pleased to support Medway’s bid and this chance to showcase the great qualities of the area. We hope this bid to become the City of Culture will act as a catalyst to stimulate the economy by highlighting these attributes.

Adam Bryan

Chief Executive, South East Local Enterprise Partnership

Thames Gateway Partnership Kent is committed to championing and supporting Medway’s bid. The scale and ambition of Medway’s year-long programme will have significant social, cultural and economic impact not just in Medway, but across North Kent and the wider Estuary, creating a substantial long-term legacy of increased visitor numbers, stronger communities and investment.

Matthew Norwell

Chief Executive, Thames Gateway Partnership Kent

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce lends its wholehearted support to Medway's City of Culture bid.  Being named City of Culture would be a significant boost to local businesses, enterprises and traders.  Bidding offers a unique opportunity for businesses across the area to engage in a high-profile moment which will define Medway for years to come and bring considerable benefits to the area.

Jo James

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Being City of Culture offers huge opportunities for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Businesses across Medway and surrounding Kent have a key role to play in the success of Medway’s City of Culture bid. We urge all local businesses to sign up to be Ambassadors.

David Ward and Katie Pickett

Co-Chairs, Medway Business Engagement Working Group

Medway is such an up and coming area, yet so few people recognise it as such!

We're keen to be a part of this enormous change, which will make such a difference for so many.

Joe Gallant

Business Owner, Be Gallant

The Chatham Maritime Trust is a supporter of Medway's City of Culture bid because we see the bid as an excellent opportunity for the promotion of Medway nationally and as such, the Trust want to do all in its power to encourage and promote this bid.

Julian Perry

Chief Executive, Chatham Maritime Trust

What an honour for Pinkys Beauty to be involved and represent the bid, not only build businesses within Medway, but also to help engage with all generations to create strong foundations and relationships within the community for many years to come.

Katie Pickett

Business Owner, Pinkys Beauty

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