We are putting together plans for 365 days of creative events, shows, fashion, performances, food, exhibitions, video gaming, festivals and much, much more across the whole of Medway, for everyone.
The creative programming is down to you.

If you want to make sure that the opportunities, creative events and the future of Medway are relevant and exciting for people like you, then now is the time to help us make the decisions. We’re teaming up with ART31, The Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries at University of Kent and Theatre31 to run a half term session.

  • No experience needed.
  • No specific skills needed.
  • No knowledge of art or culture needed.  
  • Just you!

 This is a chance to show off our Medway talent and plan projects with some of the most inspiring musicians, artists, designers etc. across the area and across the country to help tell Medway’s story.

If you want to find out more about this opportunity to decide the creative program for Medway’s bid, then come and join us over half term.

Thursday 18th February at 2pm, on Zoom  

To let us know you’re coming and get a Zoom link, email Daniel at creativeengagement@kent.ac.uk

This is a one off session but for anyone interested, there will be more opportunities to get involved over the coming months.  If you want to get involved but can’t make the half term event, please get in touch. 

Flyer announcing the Medway 2025 creative programming opportunity for local 14 to 18 year olds.
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