Ambitious and forward-thinking, Medway’s new 2020-2030 Cultural Strategy will inspire our 2025 Medway UK City of Culture bid and will be led by the Creative Medway Delivery Model, a unique and radical framework that puts people of Medway at its centre.

Currently in its final development phase the strategy has been shaped over the last year by local people and Medway’s cultural sector. It is inspired by the belief that allowing people’s voices to be heard unlocks the possibility of powerful and meaningful change and that culture is at the heart of Medway’s identity.

The vision is that:
By 2030 Medway will be internationally recognised for its creativity and culture, exemplifying the positive impacts on everyone’s lives.  Diverse, collaborative and engaged, we will celebrate the strength and creativity of all our residents. The themes and values that shape Medway’s strategy form the core of this vision:

We work in partnershipConnectivity
We are strategic and think long-termShared ambition
Our actions are environmentally sustainableSpaces and places
We enhance access for allCreative people
We recognise culture is integral to wellbeing and healthCommunity engagement
We evaluate impact before we move on

The strategy comes at the end of a tough 2020.  We want to do more than survive the current challenges, the strategy sets out a vision to make Medway stronger and our vision to be UK City of Culture in 2025 demonstrates this commitment. 

Creative Medway will deliver the strategy over the next decade and is open to everyone to get involved, whether you have a few hours, a year or want to take on a key role.

The Creative Congress is open to everyone who is interested, meeting annually to review, reflect and plan.  The five Theme Working Groups will bring together people with a commitment to each theme, developing and delivering the work.  The Creative Medway Compact will advocate locally, regionally and nationally and drive the ambition and delivery of the strategy. 

A diagram outlining the delivery model of Creative Medway

To find out more about the vision set out in the strategy, how to get involved in Creative Medway and election to the new Creative Medway roles, head to the Medway Cultural Strategy website.

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