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Welcome to the official website for Medway’s UK City of Culture 2025.

Over the next year Medway is bidding to be UK City of Culture as part of a major national competition. Hosting in 2025 would be a real game-changer for Medway, giving young people a key role within its cultural life, creating a legacy of opportunities for local people and bringing significant economic benefits to the area.

The bid is being shaped by you.

The bid is being shaped by Medway’s people, businesses, and organisations and we have already involved 450 locals of all ages to date. Our bid invites everyone to ‘Back Medway’, show their support for the campaign and have a say in developing Medway’s themes and approach.  

Our branding, which has been created by Chatham-based design agency Circus, embodies Medway’s bid giving a voice to people across the area and includes nods to Medway’s rich history and heritage, with patterns drawn from local landmarks, the river and maritime history.

An example of Medway 2025's branding. Yellow logo stating "Back Medway UK City of Culture 2025 bid" on bright green background. Logo is placed in the top right corner and is surrounded by yellow and light green patterns.
Our branding includes nods to Medway’s history and heritage

So, what does this all mean?

The process of bidding will identify themes that will underpin an ambitious and innovative year-long series of events that will make up the proposed 2025 programme taking place across the full geography of Medway.  The plans reflect Medway’s history and personality and the unique character of our cultural sector which spans digital, film, food, music, fashion, gaming, craft, dance, and much more. 

Being recognised as UK City of Culture would bring the title to the South East for the first time in the competition’s history and have a profound impact on the whole of the area.  Previous winners have seen a significant cultural and economic boost including increases in tourism and inward-investment.  Hull saw a projected £22 million gross value added to the local economy as a result of hosting.

If you have a project or story you would like to share with us, please contact us here.

To find out more about the bid, explore our website and follow us on social media (@Medway2025).

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